Philly Contacted About 2024 Summer Olympics

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Inviting the youth of the world to….the City of Brotherly Love?

The United States Olympic Committee certainly entertained the idea when earlier this week, it sent an email to as many as 35 cities across the country to gauge interest in a potential bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

Among the cities it sent letters to included Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York City, Boston, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. Rochester, Birmingham, and Tulsa also made the list somehow.

There has not been a huge amount of feedback on the list, but a spokesperson for Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago said that the Windy City is not entertaining a bid for 2024. On the flip side, Dallas/Fort Worth, which has been flirting around with Olympic bids since it set up an unapproved bid for the 2020 Games, says it is interested.

On the Philly side of things, there is a grassroots effort to bring the 2024 Olympiad to the Delaware Valley as evidenced by a Twitter feed that has slightly above 400. The last time Philadelphia put in an Olympics bid was for the 2016 as part of the USOC’s domestic bidding process that included Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston. Philly and Houston were quickly eliminated. Some officials are already giving Philadelphia a great chance.

Any Philadelphia Games can certainly bring forth a 1776 them, given that the United States Constitution was first signed in the city. Philadelphia was also the first capital city of the United States before New York City, and later Washington, DC assumed that title.

There may be a “Rocky” them to the bid as well.

South Philadelphia would theoretically be a hub of a bid with use of the extensive college system (Drexel, Temple, Villanova to name a few) also coming into play. Other venues would likely be spread across the central Pennsylvania mountains and Jersey Shore.

The IOC is asking. But, of course, if Philly wants to be where the 2024 Games are held, it needs some folks in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Washington, D.C. to make it happen.

Let it be done. You don’t want to be upstaged by Washington/Baltimore or Toronto, do you?

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