Eagles and Chiefs had trade talks about Nick Foles

Chip Kelly appears set on having Nick Foles compete with Michael Vick for the starters job next August in Lehigh.  Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Even as Chip Kelly talked about how excited he was to work with Nick Foles, the Eagles listened to trade offers on him at this week’s NFL Scouting Combine.  This is according to USA Today’s Mike Garafolo, who says that while the Eagles fielded the offer, they ” like Foles and plan on giving him a chance to compete with Michael Vick for the starting  job.”

It seems like at this point that Andy Reid and the Chiefs like Nick Foles a lot, but they have yet to meet the Eagles high price tag for him.   With how much Kelly seems to like Foles, it appears it will take a first-round pick to pry him away from the Birds. Obviously the Chiefs aren’t going to trade the number one pick for Foles,  but even after using the number one pick the Chiefs will still likely need a Quarterback. The Chiefs are likely to take Texas A&M Tackle Luke Joeckel with the first pick, still leaving them with no one to play quarterback except Matt Cassel. Garafolo points out that Cassel is likely to be released before the draft, and if the Chiefs decide that Foles is their man, in my mind they will likely have to part with their first-round pick in the 2014 draft to get him. At that point if Kelly and the Eagles don’t accept the trade, maybe Nick Foles seriously is in Chip Kelly’s long-term plans.


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