New Eagle Ed Wang talks signing, Vick, and much more!

Ed Wang “just wants to win” in Philly. Mandatory Credit:

Friday afternoon news broke that the Eagles had signed offensive lineman Ed Wang to a two-year deal. Wang has played in the NFL for three season with the Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders, after being a standout at Virginia Tech. Monday Wang  joined Section 215 Senior Editor Tim Kelly to talk about joining the Iggles, and what he expects in 2013 and beyond. (Questions will be marked with T.K. for Tim Kelly and answers will be marked E.W. for Ed Wang). 
(T.K.) 1. Welcome to the Eagles Ed! How excited are you to be a member of the Eagles?
 (E.W.) Very excited. I am happy to have a chance to play for such a great organization and to be apart of a team that I watched as a child.
(T.K) 2. Talk about your signing with the Eagles, who reached out to who, and how long did it take to get the deal done?
(E.W.) They reached out to my agent for a workout and after that was about a week for everything to get settled. Quick and smooth process.
(T.K.) 3. How exciting is it to join an offense that features Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, Jason Peters, and many other premier names?
(E.W.) Its a great feeling. I missed Michael at Va Tech but played with his brother. I was actually one of LeSean McCoy host when he came to Va Tech for a visit. Also Jason Peters is a premier left tackle and it will be great to learn from someone like him.

Ed is excited to join an offense that features both Michael Vick and Jason Peters. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

(T.K) 4. Both locally and nationally the Eagles offensive line was a much  maligned in 2012. Were you at all hesitant to join an offensive line like that?
(E.W.) No not at all. Everyone needs to understand that football is a team sport and you can’t just blame one position. People mess up and as a team you have to keep pushing forward to strive to get better.
(T.K.) 5. What do you expect you role to be in 2013 and beyond?
(E.W.) I want to contribute to the team and help the team win. Winning is the main objective.
(T.K.) 6. And bold predictions for yourself and the team in 2013?
(E.W.) All I want to is win. I have done that all my life and wish to continue to do it
A big thank you to Ed for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this interview.  Hopefully Ed can help spark an Eagles turnaround in 2013!

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