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Dr J. Socks? Well it sounded like a good idea


Not that there are any big holidays  coming up, but giving  Julius Erving  socks to the Sixers fan on your list, sounded like a cool idea. Then we actually saw what the Dr. J socks looked like.

First off props to SB Nation for finding these socks, and delivering them to the world. Second off props go to SB Nation for making sure, in the blog, that people know that there is nothing cool about these socks.

As a basketball player  myself, I will wear any type of socks that make a statement. I own orange and white Nike Elite socks that I payed $15 for, and I can tell you that they look absolutely disgusting with every pair or basketball shoes that I own. But in basketball sometimes it is more about making a statement, and convincing everyone else that something looks good, even when everyone knows they don’t. So I still proudly rock the orange and white Nike Elites. But the difference between making a statement, and looking cheap is big–and the line was drawn with the socks above.

If you look at the picture to the right,  it is a sick picture of Dr. J dunking. But as it translates to a sock the picture looks stretched and you need to really glance at it, to even see what it is. And then you think about what would you even where these socks with? They would look awful with any shoes, not to mention the shorts and shirt you are wearing. Then there would be the awkward dilemma of explaining to non-sports fans who Dr. J is and why you are so obsessed with him that he’s on your socks.

Overall these socks just really have no use. They don’t make you look like more of a fan and let’s face it, they don’t exactly rank high on the swag-meter. So the best bet would be to stay away from these socks. However, I’m sure there will be that one NBA fan who we all know who thinks he looks fresh with these socks on, and we can all make him the butt of our jokes.

P.S. Excuse me for using the word swag more than a Young Money rapper in this blog.

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