Michael Vick returning for 2013, will face off against Foles for starting position

After restructuring his deal Monday, Michael Vick will return to Philly for his fifth season. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

For weeks now, one of the main headlines on Section 215 was a blog discussion Mike Vick’s uncertain future with the Eagles. For that entire time period Birds fans had more questions that answers about who would be under center for the 2013 season. Today Philly got some answers.

According to Fox Sports Jay Glazer, “The Eagles will not be parting ways with QB Michael Vick as they have worked out a restructured contract with him.”  Speculation is that the deal will be a one-year 10 million dollar deal, which then negates the six year 100 million dollar deal that Vick signed prior to the 2011 season.

Shortly after the news that Vick ould be returning to Philadelphia for his fifth season broke, Vick released statement.

“My heart is in Philly and this community is important to me. I look forward to playing for Coach Kelly, [owner] Jeffrey Lurie and the entire Eagles organization, the city of Philadelphia and the fans. I am training hard this offseason and will be ready for Coach Kelly’s team vision and leadership. Our goal is to win,” said Vick.

Many believed that if Vick returned for 2013, Nick Foles would be traded because he didn’t seem ideal for a Chip Kelly style offense. Kelly didn’t exactly say that the Eagles won’t be trading Foles, or Vick for that matter, but as of now it appears that the two will square off in Lehigh next Summer for the starting position.

“There’s an open completion. Michael knows that, Nick knows that. Nick knew every step of the way what we were doing. I specifically wanted to make sure Nick was included in the plans. I think both of them have outstanding qualities in terms of being a quarterback in this league, both of them have started in this league. I also know in this league you better have two.”

If I had to guess, Foles will still be floated on draft day just because he still doesn’t seem ideal in a Kelly style offense. If he isn’t traded Kelly explained how the starting Quarterback will be chosen.

Nick Foles will be given a shot to be the Eagles starter in 2013 according to Chip Kelly.  Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

“I’m excited about the two of them, but they’re both gonna compete. Who the starting quarterback is to start the season off is going to be won on the practice field.”

I know that some fans have Vick fatigue, and/or don’t believe in Foles. And honestly when I watched Michael Vick’s week 17 performance, I felt like he was done. And as for Foles, he looked good at times, but was also inconsistent, and didn’t look like the Quarterback that could lead the Eagles to their first Lombardi Trophy. But if there was ever a coach who could be creative enough to bring back the magical Michael Vick, it is Chip Kelly. And I still believe Foles will be traded. And if he isn’t my guess is he will be the backup  because the Eagles didn’t bring Vick back at a 10 million dollar price tag to have him hold a clipboard. Will either of them win the Eagles a title? Most likely not. But would Matt Flynn, Alex Smith, Geno Smith or any of the other rumored options have won a title? Again most likely not. And the difference with all of those options is they likely would have been two or three year projects. If neither Vick or Foles plays well enough to return in 2014, then they won’t,  and the the Eagles can look for a franchise Quarterback in a much better draft.



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