A Philadelphia Super Bowl? Why Not?

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With this year’s Super Bowl in the books, everyone already has their eyes on New Meadlowlands Stadium in 2014, when the Super Bowl will head out of the dome and warm-weather stadia and into the New York/New Jersey Tri-State area. The weather is likely to be cold and frigid. After all, a snowflake is even a part of the official New York/New Jersey host committee’s logo.

With NYC finally getting its chance to welcome the Big Game to town, hopefully this will give other cold-weather cities the chance to also impress. Hopefully, an NYC Super Bowl will give the the Chicago’s, Washington’s and Philly’s of the world just as much of a chance as the Miami’s, San Diego’s and New Orleans’s.

The Philly’s…hmmm…..

Philadelphia is a city with a lot going for it. In terms of population, it is the fifth largest city/metro area in the country with well over 2 million residents. The Philadelphia DMA extends into 3 states—Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Need a radio row? The Pennsylvania Convention Center will fit that bill very nicely, especially since it just got a nice expansion to almost a million square feet. Need a Super Bowl Boulevard? Such a site can be placed near Logan Square or the Convention Center on Broad Street. And a city of such size would have more than enough hotels to accommodate players, media, and other football luminaries.

Transportation also wouldn’t be an issue as it may be in other cities. Say what you want about the SEPTA bus/trolley/train system, but the City of Brotherly Love boasts one of the largest transportation systems in the country.

Oh, and just in case the Eagles (*cough*offensive line*cough) (*cough*defense*cough) continue to stink as they did in 2012, I’m sure Philly fans would appreciate getting the chance to host a Super Bowl as a consolation prize in case their own football team looks like it belongs in the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium.

Somebody has work to do…I’m looking at you, Mayor Michael Nutter. You too, Jeff Lurie.

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