The Sixers new nickname

I know what you are thinking, slow news day. And in thinking that, you are 100 percent correct.

But I could not continue to hear the Heatles and Lob City, and not have the Sixers have a flashy new nickname. So I did some thinking, and I am currently filing to have this name copyrighted (or I would if I could afford it).  I won’t keep you waiting any longer though, so without further ado, the Sixers new name is-The Jrue Crew.

It has the right amount of flash and corniness that it just could work. For those of you laughing and ready to hit the X button, just think, the Heatles managed to catch on when LeBron and Dwyane Wade announced it as their nickname. So we are only Jrue Holiday accepting this name away from me becoming famous.

Until then I will think of cheesy nicknames for the Eagles. Don’t worry I won’t sink as low as the Chip Ship.


Ladies and Gentleman, the leader of the Jrue Crew. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

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