D.C. is a No Trespassing Zone for Phils Fans

Philadelphia sports fans are the most dedicated in the country. They live and die with their teams. Fans not only buy tickets for home games, they even hit the road with their beloved franchises. The Philly franchise that boasts the biggest following is the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies fandeum isn’t just top dog in the city of brotherly love, the Phils were also number one in attendance in the MLB. They drew 3.6 million fans and sold out every game they played at Citizen Bank Park in 2011. There has now been 204 consecutive regular season sell outs at CBP.

Although rival fan bases are full of hatred for Philly fans, no franchises have ever gotten involved, until today. The Washington Nationals organization has complained about all of the Phillies fans that show up at Nationals’ home games against the Philadelphia franchise. To keep the die-hard fans at bay, the Nationals are only selling single-game tickets for a series in May against the Phillies, to fans that live in Washington D.C., Virginia or Maryland.

This tactic is very unprecedented among not only MLB franchise, but in any professional sports leagues. It is also an amusing move by the franchise because they are eliminating potential revenue for themselves. The COO of the Nationals is fully on board with the idea and is very tired of all the Phils fans invading Nationals Park. Don’t be worried Phillies fans, I don’t think this ban will last long. What they are doing and their reasoning behind it is discrimination. All it will take is one fan to try to purchase a ticket and get denied the ticket and for him to file a lawsuit against them and it will be lifted. It is still an interesting story as it shows the prominence of the Phillies fans in ballparks around the MLB. Keep it up Phillies fans!!!

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