Cullen Jenkins is the newest out-of-nowhere signing for the Birds.

Eagles Sign DL Cullen Jenkins to Five-Year Deal

And the Philadelphia Eagles continue to snag just about anyone and everyone they could possibly want.

The team announced Saturday the signing of defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins, who played in the 3-4 last year with the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers, although he did play defensive end for the Packers when they ran the 4-3.

The deal is for five years and worth $25 million. Guaranteed money has yet to be released, although I would guess it’s somewhere around $10 million.

At 6’3, 292 pounds, Jenkins is able to play defensive end in the 4-3 and as well as slide inside to tackle on third down — or any down, really. He got one hell of a pass rush for the Packers last season, and the Eagles apparently believe he should be able to do the same thing in their scheme.

But even though Jenkins can play defensive end, it’s highly unlikely he’ll line up in the ghost 9-technique Trent Cole, Jason Babin, and the rest of the more tradition 4-3 defensive ends will be running. Instead, when he lines up at defensive end, he will probably line up in the 6-technique, which is just off the tackle’s outside shoulder.

Jenkins is used to play in the 5-technique, which is head-up on the tackle, so it shouldn’t be too big of a transition for him. When he’s playing tackle, it will almost certainly be in the 3-technique, which is off the outside shoulder of the guard.

As was the case with the Nnamdi Asomugha signing, this deal could have quite the ripple effect. It’s unlikely the Eagles head into the season with five defensive tackles since that would leave them with only five spots for defensive ends. They could split it up that way, but this move likely means one of the tackles is gone.

My fear is it will be Brodrick Bunkley, which would be a huge mistake. He fits Jim Washburn’s style perfectly and, if anyone should go, it’s unfortunately Antonio Dixon. He’s a two-gap player who really doesn’t fit the mold of getting an up-field push and getting to the quarterback.

Next up for the Eagles has to be a veteran linebacker. And at this rate, it wouldn’t surprise me if Howie Roseman and Joe Banner go out and trade for Ray Lewis. In the words of Roseman, “stay tuned.”

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