Don't expect to see Plaxico Burress in Eagle green.

On Second Thought, Eagles Likely Have No Interest in Plaxico Burress

A few days ago, it was reported that not only were the Philadelphia Eagles very interested in wide receiver Plaxico Burress, but that they would be the “first in line” to talk to him once he was released from prison or the lockout ended, whichever comes later.

I made a case that the Eagles might want Plax as a redzone threat and a guy to perhaps step in when DeSean Jackson is inevitably forced to miss a couple games due to injury.

However, thinking about it now, it’s more likely I missed the biggest piece of this equation and the biggest reason why the Eagles likely aren’t interested in Plax at all — special teams.

It does not matter what team we’re talking about, the fourth receiver on the roster is expected to be a part of the special teams units. Plax, however, has never been a special teams guy and would likely be less than effective at 34 years old anyway.

Head coach Andy Reid has never been one to value special teams, but adding Plax would so obviously hurt Bobby April’s special teams that it’s highly unlikely Burress’ name has been brought up in anything more than passing conversation between the Eagles brass.

Combine that with the fact that he’ll likely want to be overpaid and will want a shot at starting, and that there are plenty of desperate teams willing to give him both, and Burress becoming an Eagle becomes next to impossible and honestly probably not worth discussing beyond this point.

Also, as pointed out by’s Sheil Kapadia — the only guy worth reading on — the Eagles already have a guy so similar on the roster to Plax in Riley Cooper, who actually does play special teams, that bringing in a guy who will likely need a full playing year to get back to where he was, which was the beginning of a decline anyway, makes very little sense.

That doesn’t sound ground-breaking when you read it, but it was a V8 forehead-slap type of moments for me after reading Kapadia’s take on Burress.

When we boil this whole thing down, it’s unlikely Burress even gets a call from the Eagles.

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